IBPS Free Online Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation Mock Test 2

IBPS Free Online Mock Test Logical Reasoning Data interpretation for RRB PO Clerk and SO: Check the latest online data interpretation test for IBPS Prelims and Mains examination who are participating in the RRB PO SO Clerk exams. Here you can do free data interpretation mock test for IBPS 2018-2019. Candidates who wants practice free online Reasoning Data Interpretation mock test can do it here at our website which covers the topics such as data representation graphical representation and sufficiency with question and answers hint and shortcuts to enhance there skills. Do free online Reasoning Data Interpretation Test practice and preparation test for Cat MAT XAT etc. Candidates can also check the data interpretation examples test with pdf and they can learn the new data interpretation techniques and can analysis the questions and answers.

Candidates can check reasoning mock test for Banking exams such as IBPS PO RRB Clerk SO & SBI PO with reasoning questions and answers pdf. Those who search for reasoning questions for bank exams with answers can check here. And we are going to provide reasoning mock test in Hindi in short period. Aspirants who also wants check the latest Reasoning data interpretation tricks questions with solutions pdf available here.

Candidates who wants practice online Logical reasoning Data Interpretation Quantitative aptitude mock test can do it here without any cost. Do Reasoning practice test for IBPS RRB PO Clerk Specialist officer So and SBI. Check online logical reasoning mock test sample practice papers. Since the Bank RRB and PO play a key role in the banking sector the candidates need to focus on the IBPS Free Online Reasoning Data Interpretation Mock test for Ibps bank rrb exam and Ibps PO to clear the prelims and mains examination. The candidates who are searching for the best site to do free online mock test the answer will be our site. Our article will educate you regarding ibps Logical Reasoning Data interpretation mock test mains ibps po mock test ibps po prelims mock test mock test for ibps RRB ibps RRB mains mock test ibps RRB mock test ibps mock test ibps mock test.

IBPS Free Online Reasoning Data Interpretation Mock & Practice Test Analysis 

Choose the best online Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation mock test for ibps bank for the practice of exams such as IBPS RRB PO Clerk and SO, CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP etc. You will find a number of Reasoning Data Interpretation mock test for ibps PO RRB SO and clerk which helps you to workout anywhere anytime as well.

IBPS Free online Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation Mock Test 2

1. Each item is followed by two statements,A and B. Answer each question using the following instructions.

Choose (a) If the question can be answered by one of the statements alone and not by the other.
Choose (b) If the question can be answered by using either statement alone.
Choose (c) If the question can be answered by using both the statement together, but cannot be using either
statement alone.
Choose (d) If the question cannot be answered even by using both the statements together.
A, B, C, D are playing cricket and scored 96 runs together. Did A score the maximum runs?


2. Is ab an even number?


3. Three teams of woodcutters took part in a competition (to cut the maximum quantity of wood). Which team could win the competition?


4. If m and n are integers, is m divisible by 11?


5. On a fishing trip, sanju and Ajay each caught some fishes. Who caught more fish?


6. What are the ages of three brothers (ages are natural numbers)?


7. Is 5x + 25 is divisible by 50?


8. How many of a,b,c,d are odd, given that all of them are positive integers?


9. A is not shorter than B, who is turn, is not taller than C who is shorter than D, who among A, B, C and D is the tallest?


10. If Bhushan or Charan passed the examination, then neither Sujan nor Tarun passed the examination. Did Bhushan pass the examination?


11. Six people-A through F-sit around a circular table, not necessarily in the same order. B and E sit opposite each other. Does C sit opposite D?


12. Average age of a,b,c and d is 46 years. who is the oldest among them?


13. Product of a,b,c, and d is 1003 (a,b,c and d are all natural numbers). which one is the largest among them?


14. what is the least common multiple of axb, bxc and cxa (a,b,c are all natural numbers)?


15. what are the values of m and n?


16. On a given day, a boat ferried 1500 passengers across the river in 12 hours. How many round trips did it make?


17. what is the value of X?


18. what are the ages of two individuals x and y?


19. If m and n are consecutive positive integers, is m>n?


20. which of a,b,c and d is/are odd?


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