IBPS free online Mock Test 2 Quantitative Aptitude Numbers & System

Free Online Mock Test IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test Online:  Hello Hopefuls have you started your IBPS Exam Preparation? Do you know that the mock test for ibps bank exams will support you with the online practice section compared to theory script. online mock test for ibps bank exam is the best way of practising also as to overcome the Bored circumstances. Let me help you with the ibps mains mock test online and the ibps mock test free download.Those who are preparing for the ibps clerk can practice ibps mock test for quantitative aptitude, mock test for bank clerk ibps online to enhance his aptitude skills.

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Free Online IBPS Quantitative Aptitude mock test 2 Difficult Level 1

Choose the online mock test for ibps bank for the practice of exams such as IBPS, CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP etc. You will find a number of quantitative aptitude mock test for ibps po which helps you to workout anywhere anytime as well. Generally the Apps or the software are designed in a particular manner such as you can able to use them without any difficulty. Likely you can able to practice them parallel to you own business as well. Likely through travelling or at your coffee time as well in the desktop or through your personnel gadget.

IBPS EXAM online Mock Test 2 Quantitative aptitude

1. The last digit of the number obtained by multiplying the numbers 81 x 82 x 83 x 84 x 85 x 86 x 87 x 88 x 89 will be


2. The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 10, while when the digits are reversed the number decreases by 54. find the changed number.


3. The sum of two numbers is 15 and their geometric mean is 20% lower than their arithmetic mean. find the numbers.


4. Find the ratio between the LCM and HCF of 5, 15 and 20.


5. Find the LCM of 5/2, 8/9, 11/14


6. If the number A is even, which of the following will be true?


7. If 146! is divisible by 5ⁿ, then find the maximum value of n.


8. Find the number of divisors of 1420.


9. find the number of Zeroes at the end of 1090!


10. GCD of x²-4 and x²+ x – 6 is


11. Some birds settled on the branches of a tree. first, they sat one to a branch and there was one bird too many. Next they sat two to a branch and there was one branch too many. How many branches were there?


12. Find the number of divisors of 10800.


13. The highest common factor of 70 and 245 is equal to


14. Find the least number, which must be subtracted from 7147 to make it a perfect square


15. If 5625 plants are to be arranged in such a way that there are as many rows as there are plants in a row, the number of rows will be:


16. Find the number of zeroes at the end of 100!


17. What is the sum of all even numbers between 1 and 100 (both included)?


18. How many numbers between 200 and 400 are divisible by 13?


19. A boy was trying to find 5/8th of a number. Unfortunately, he found out 8/5th of number and realized that the difference
between the answer he got and the correct answer is 39. What was the number?


20. If n is an odd digit then unit’s digit of the product 171nx1414x729x2015 will be


IBPS Quantitative Aptitude – Number & Systems level 3 Online Mock Test 1

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