IBPS RRB Office Assistant Job Profile Career Growth Role and Work

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Job Profile Career Growth Role and Work: In general IBPS RRB is classified into two groups. Namely Group A and Group B. The recruitment of IBPS RRB Group A and Group B posts is done on the basis of IBPS RRB CWE(Common written Exam). RRB refers to Regional Rural banks. These banks have been set up by Government of India in order to educate rural people and obtain benefit from them on Bank investments. IBPS RRB IS categorised as Category group A is considered to be higher level management which holds Scale I II III officers such as IBPS RRB Officers and group B is as lower level management.Here we discuss about the IBPS RRB Office Assistant role job profile and career growth in IBPS RRB Office Assistant promotion salary in detailed.

IBPS RRB Group B officers are known as Office Assistants or famously known as IBPS RRB Office Assistants (Multipurpose) in the Bank Language or hierarchy management systems. Government of India has adopted Banks to establish in Rural areas to get benefited through all sources financially. This initial step will lay a path for the development of Rural areas.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Job profile work structure in Bank

when we consider “IBPS RRB Office Assistant role job” in Public sector and private sector Banks will be varying from Bank to Bank. As we discuss about Office Assistance job in our society it will depend upon the place of posting. Likely In rural areas role of Office Assistant’s work complexity is very less when compared to work in Urban location cities towns. IBPS RRB Office assistant job role is similar to the IBPS Clerk job profile

IBPS RRB Office Assistant work in Banks

IBPS RRB Office Assistant post will come under lower division management section. In general Office assistant role is customer support or public responsibilities. Check major roles of IBPS RRB Office Assistant role in detail as follows.

  • Managing communication and support: Candidates need to attend all the Bank necessary emails calls etc and give respective response in details. Mostly Office assistant need to deliver the  cheque books to their respective address.
  • Handle Inquiry section: Candidates need to attend all the queries of the customers related to Bank and their accounts available advantages facilities rules and regulations etc. and clear their doubts with out any confusion.
  • Receipts acknowledgement: RRB Officer Assistant need to accept all the monetary objects such as demand drafts cheques cash etc from the Public and should provide their acknowledgement.
  • Withdrawal Management: Main and most important and necessary task should handle and solve the Money withdrawal process. RRB Office Assistant need to debit the amount from the Account holder and pay otwards them respectively through cash cheque demand drafts mode  etc.

This process will be done for a period of 1 year or 2 years. This time is a crucial time which makes the candidates can gain knowledge about his duty and their work should be introduced for themselves. Their reputation should be good as they are the face of the Banks.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Career growth opportunities

As we discussed about the RRB categories divided into two levels. Group A and Group B. Group B status is the initial position of the office Assistants. The role of Office Assistant is so called as “IBPS RRB Multipurpose job” likely with the task what he/she is afford with or with the nature of work. When we discus about the IBPS RRB Office Assistant promotion, it is a high security job. firstly Office Assistant promotion is not so easy as like the private section compared. Multipurpose officer can get promotions to next cadre only with his extra ordinary relationship with the customers and the good feedback from the Bank manager from the initial stage.

  • Initial post Office assistant( multipurpose) will step with clerk post with the experience of 3 years
  • Next followed by the Junior Manager as Scale I officer through experience or the Bank reputed exams.
  • Level of posting from Scale I to Scale II officer as senior manager.
  • From senior manager level to High Cadre Scale III officer as Branch Manager
  • General Manager/Regional Manager/ Chief Inspector post is second last post acquired for the Office Assistant.
  • Finally Chairman post with high qualification section.

So Candidates who are in the post of Office Assistant can reach their goals with Office assistant career growth. Candidates can achieve Junior Manager senior manager Branch Manager General Manager/Regional Manager/ Chief Inspector and finally Chairman. Candidates can get Best opportunities to build their career at most. To reach your goals your performance plays a key role.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Salary structure

IBPS RRB maintains a high profile for pay Scale and salary structure format for various banks. So Office assistant salary package will be decide according to the respective Bank policy.  IBPS RRB Office Assistant Salary states that Office assistant will be getting approximately salary about 10k to 15k during their training period. IBPS RRB Office Assistant Salary ranges initially 15k to 19k approximately in hand with all his allowance performance and marks obtained .

Name of the  post RRB Office Assistant salary with allowance
Office Assistant 7200-(400 x 3) 8400-(500 x 3) 9900-(600 x 4) 12300-(700 x 7) 17200-(1300 x 1) 18500-(800 x 1)- 19300

Allowance will be provided as prescribed during the Job allotment .

Responsibilities of IBPS RRB Office Assistants and their lifestyle

As the role of the Office Assistant is a public relations management, Candidates need to strengthen his relation with the customers. Cndidtaes should provide good service for the customers on solving their queries.

when we talk about the IBPS RRB Office Assistant life style is a proud honour for what he has allotted for. Serving people makes them feel proud like as the defence army who are striving their life at the borders. A survey about how Office Assistant feel their job? say that it is a honour to every individual who is working as the Office Assistant in their respective Banks. The common answer for every employee is providing dedicated performances towards the public service. They will follow that the life is not less than any individual who are at peaks with their richness. Every individual will think that he/she the dream come true finally.

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