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IBPS SO Law Officer Job Profile 2023 : IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selections is a recruitment Body which is the parent for all the Public sector Banks in India. In Earlier as we discussed about the IBPS SO IT Officer Job Profile, Hope u have got enough information about it. Now let us discus about the most important and the role of IBPS Law Officer in banks. As we go in depth the IBPS SO Law officer duty in banks is so as called as bank legal officer or bank law officer where he/she deal all the Legal and Judiciary Affairs related to Respective Bank. 

As we know that the SBI law officer recruitment 2023 is going to be released soon. And In this article we will discuss about the responsibilities of sbi law officer 2023. ibps law officer salary in detail. Candidates who are eagerly waiting for the rbi law officer recruitment 2023 can check the official website www.ibpsclub.in for the release date.

IBPS Law officer 2023 Salary Books Syllabus question Paper

IBPS Law Officer acts as a legal adviser to their respective banks. Legal adviser refers to the uplift of the Bank strategy. Law officer holds all the legal issues about the Bank. He is supposed to deals all the legal issues from various Bank Branches. We can call his duty as a soul to the working banks and acts like a bridge between Bank and the Law.

IBPS SO Law Officer Duty in Banks : IBPS Law Officer Job Profile

  • He/she should initiate the initial drafts to be administered.
  • He should prepare the drafts of pleading and brief counsel is to be done between the litigation involving Banks and Its Branches.
  • should represent the Bank in all aspects.
  • He acts as face of the Bank when it comes to the legal affairs
  • He has to educate them on describing the acts depending on the laws. such as  Regulations and Rules for Money Market Operations, Foreign Exchange Management Act, RBI Notifications, Contract Laws, 1956,  Banking Regulations Act etc.
  • Law officer has to provide detailed information on the existing current laws
  • legal officer is crucial role to provide advice to his senior staff members in order to confirm situation in given situation best possible way through legal

IBPS Legal officer eligibility criteria

  • Candidate should hold a 4 years degree or 3 years degree from the recognised university.
  • Age limit should be between 20-30 years for cadres when the age relaxation will be varied for different reservations.
  • Candidates should complete his graduation under Bachelor degree at LLB.
  • He should have the govt recognized Bar council Enrollment as an Advocate.

IBPS Law Officer Salary : IBPS Law Officer Job Profile

The salary of an IBPS Law officer which comes under the IBPS SO will be having an equal salary when compared to all the other cadres belonging to IBPS SO. Mainly the salary will be calculated with all the allowances and the basic salary will be varied as follows

  • Scale 1 officer( Junior Manager)- 14500 – 600/7 – 18700 – 700/2 – 20100-800/7 – 25700
  • Scale 2( middle management)- INR 19400-700/1 – 20100 – 800/10 – 28100
  • when the appointment letter has issued and appointed as law officer he will alloted the salary including all the allowances approximately 34000 – 40000

Law Officer Career Growth Promotions

Promotion of the IBPS Law officer will be depending upon the their experiences. Generally candidates salary will be depends upon the scale they are pursuing. With the higher experience the candidates will be promoted to scale 1 to scale 2 officers. the next level of promotion is salary increment. No one is officially appointed to scale 2 officers.

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