Dosa Inu Coin 2022 Launching 27th June 2022 Shiba Inu Fork Token 2022

Shiba Inu Fork Dosa Inu Coin 2022 Launching 27th June 2022 :- The Original Shiba Inu Fork Dosa Inu is not just a deflationary meme coin, it will be the first meme coin focused decentralized exchange that is fully community driven, the Dosa Inu dex will only list verified meme coin projects. The Dosa Inu Advanced Analytics Bot will do the hard work for you. Any meme coin that gets listed on the Dosa Inu dex will have been fully vetted, Dosa Bot will sniff out any rotten bones. 

Dosa Inu Coin 2022 Launching 27th June 2022 Shiba Inu Fork Token 2022

The Dosa Inu meme coin Focused launchpad will also host the presales and airdrops for the latest meme coin projects which have been verified and hodlers of Dosa Inu will be given priority access.

Dosa Inu wants to give meme coin lovers a platform that not only gives community members exclusive initial access but puts the safety of the meme coin community as top priority.

Features of Dosa Inu Coin 2022 :-

Fair launch :-

No pre sale. no airdrops. devs hold no team tokens and will purchase on open market upon launch!

Safe & secure

To make sure your investment is safe will have multiple audits conducted by third party firms, we will also renounce ownership and burn lp tokens upon launch of dex!

Community Driven :-

Dosa Inu is 100% community-driven which means every holder is part of the team and governance. Every member has a part to play in order to make the project succeed. The success of Dosa Inu is your success also!

RFI static rewards :-

2% of all transactions are distributed to holders. Your tokens increase the second you begin holding.

The longer you hold the more you gain!

Auto liquidity :-

3% of every transaction is automatically locked as liquidity into the PancakeSwap Dosa Inu/BNB pool. This increases liquidity rapidly!

Continuously rising price floor :-

50% of the total Dosa Inu supply will be burnt on launch, sent to a burn/dead wallet. This wallet counts as a holder, also known as a blackhole. As a holder this wallet will receive the static rewards instantly taking them out of circulation forever, with every buy or sell the amount of Dosa Inu in circulation reduces. along with the auto liquidity these features create a continuously rising price floor!

How to Buy Dosa Inu Coin 2022

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