Career in Hospitality – List of Courses in Hospital Management

The very first thing that comes in mind while choosing a career in hospitality is that the person has to be immensely patient for tolerating disgruntled customers. If you are the one who loves taking responsibilities and providing services just to make others happy or if other people’s comfort comes before you, you are the perfect fit for this career. To many people’s surprise hospitality career has a wide variety and includes several job roles. The courses like hotel management career, air hostess, and hospital management are just few of the wide variety available. While some jobs require sense of responsibility, time management, professional skills and patience, some of them are really easy going and won’t only earn you good money but also be fun to do. Below are a number of careers in hospitality that might be considered according to your skills and likings.

Hotel Management:

The roles of a hotel manager include the well being and satisfaction of his guests. He is in charge of checking in and checking out guests in the hotel, supervise the quality of service provided to the guests, hire and fire new employees, check kitchen standards, greet guests and so on. Basically he is responsible for the smooth operations within the hotel and also maintaining healthy relations with the customers as well as the partnering companies.


Does mixing various alcohols and making cocktails while showing tricks to keep people happy and smiling sound exciting to you? What’s stopping you from getting a professional degree in bartending and choosing that as a career option? Nothing definitely would once you get to know how relaxing the job actually is, because of the shifts and besides you get to do what you want to!

Flight attendant:

The job seems quite glamorous and exciting as it involves all the travel and staying in posh hotels during the lay-offs but it might not be as easy as it seems. The probability of mid-air crisis needs quick wits. Providing mental support to people during these crisis, keeping them calm and comfortable are some of the major responsibilities of a flight attendant. If you think you have the required skills go for it. 

Fitness instructor:

Who can give more happiness than the people who make you fit? Being a fitness instructor is quite a new inclusion in hospitality careers but is totally worth it. The rise in awareness of people towards being fit opens various opportunities. Be an instructor in a gym, give private fitness classes or join hotels where people come to spend holidays. Provide people with the gift of fitness and make them happy. The options are quite varied.

Wedding Planner:

Weddings require lot of planning and effort. The bride and groom getting involved in all these planning just makes their days hectic leaving no opportunity for them to enjoy. Be a wedding planner, take the decisions on their behalf, make their wedding grand and a memorable experience for them and also get paid for all these! On a serious note, planning a wedding is no easy task. The person has to be very much responsible, reliable, must have immense contacts, very witty and extremely patient to handle all the mood swings and tantrums that the bride is going to show. If you feel you tick all the boxes and are skilled enough to handle all these, go ahead!

Travel Agent:

Travelling can make everyone happy. A break from the daily hectic life can recharge the person and make them ready for the upcoming challenges. But tours need to be planned. No one wants to jump into the complexity of booking flights, hotels and travel routes in between their hectic routine. Take the responsibility of planning a life time experience for your clients and also get the chance to travel around. Travelling around would help you realize what experience you are selling to your customers and how you can make it better by slight changes. The sense of responsibility is again a very important factor here also the customers rely mostly on you for any requirement while being on trip. So you have to know the place well and have contacts before you send your clients there. If you are reliable enough, this is the way for you to go.

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