TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration 2021 Application Process

TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration 2021 Online Application TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Website TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme How to apply For TS Nirudyoga Bruthi TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Online Registration or unemployment scheme in Telangana registration process :- TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Online Registration 2021 TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Official website 2021 Telangana Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration 2021 Telangana Nirudyoga Bruthi Application Process 2021 Telangana TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme 2021 Check Below. The Government of Telangana has Seriously taken this TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme 2021 as they have Gave Promise to the Young Unemployed Youth that to be Given the Total of 3000 Rs as they have mentioned in their Manifesto for the Year 2021 Elections.

They took Great Path for the eligible Unemployed Candidates in the State of Telangana that they are Soon Going to Launch this TS Nirudyoga Scheme 2021 as they have Started the Groundwork for the Telangana Scheme 2021  . Telangana State Chief Minister KCR is going to Start this Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme Soon 2021 that from the Month of April 2021 . The State Cabinet has Approved the TS Nirudyoga Scheme and the Unemployment Benefits in their Meetings that which recently took Part in Hyderabad. The State Government is Soon Starting this Scheme as the Government has Provided a Team to Check all the Details of TS Nirudyoga Bruthi as the who are Eligible and who are Not Eligible for this Scheme.

Who are Eligible for TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme

TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Online Registration: తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రానికి చెందిన నిరుద్యోగులై ఉండాలి. కనీస విద్యార్హత డిగ్రీ లేదా డిప్లొమా పూర్తిచేసి ఉండా లి. 22- 35 ఏళ్ల మధ్య వయసు కలిగి న వారు అర్హులు. పేదరికానికి దిగువనున్న కుటుంబంలో ఎంతమందినైనా అర్హులుగా ప్రకటిస్తారు. నాలుగు చక్రా ల వాహనం తరహాలో ఆ వ్యక్తి పేరిట వాహనాలు ఉంటే అనర్హులుగా ప్రకటిస్తారు.

2.50 ఎకరాల మాగాణి లేదా 5 ఎకరాల మెట్ట భూమి కలిగి ఉన్నవా రు అనర్హులు. గతంలో కేంద్ర, రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వాల నుంచి రూ. 50 వేలకుపై గా సబ్సిడీ రుణం పొందిన అభ్యర్థులెవరైనా అనర్హులే. పబ్లిక్‌ సెక్టార్‌లో గవర్నమెంట్‌ లేదా స్వయం ఉద్యోగం కలిగిన వారు, అనియత విద్య పొందిన వారు, ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగం నుంచి తొలగించబడిన వారు, ఏ విధమైన క్రిమినల్‌ కేసులు కలిగింటే వారు కూడా ఈ పథకానికి అనర్హులుగా ప్రకటిస్తారు.

TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration 2021 Application Process Check Details

TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Online Registration TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme Online Registration TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Online Apply TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Application Form Last Date Website. The Government of Telangana has took great path for unemployment people it has going to launch the TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme named as Telangana Nirudyoga Bruthi.

Telangana Chief Minister KCR has going to start the Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme soon in April 2018 in the state of Telangana as per the date the cabinet has approved the unemployment benefits of the meeting. The Telangana Government has going to launch the TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme TS Unemployment Allowance scheme 2018 for the unemployment and educated students with this TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme candidates will benefit of monthly allowances until they get the Job.

How to Apply Telangana Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme

దరఖాస్తు చేయడం ఎలా:
ఈ నెల 3 4 వారాల్లో ప్రభుత్వం ప్రత్యేకంగా వెబ్ సైట్ ప్రారంభిస్తుంది. ప్రజాసాధికార సర్వేలో నమోదైన వారంతా ఆన్ లైన్లో తమ పేర్లు నమోదు చేసుకోవచ్చు

ఎప్పుడైనా నమోదు చేసుకునే వెసులుబాటు
పథకం ప్రారంభించే నాటికి వయసు తక్కువ ఉన్న యువత 21 ఏళ్లకు చేరాక ఆన్ లైన్ లో రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ చేసుకోవచ్చు. ఆన్ లైన్ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ నమోదుకు తుది గడువు విధించలేదు.

TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Eligibility Criteria

అర్హులు, అనర్హలా వెంటనే తెలిపే విధానం
ఆన్ లైన్లో పేర్లు నమోదు చేసిన వెంటనే నిరుద్యోగ భృతి తీసుకోవడానికి అర్హులా? అనర్హలా? అనేది తెలిసిపోతుంది.

TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration

  • The TS Government will offer the Monthly Allowance to eligible candidates who have completed the Degree Graduation Diploma polytechnic Courses
  • Under this TS Nirudyoga Bhruti Scheme the candidates will offer Rs 3016 every month from the TS Govt
  • The TS Government will also offer Skills Development programme
  • The TS Government will pay the Amount directly to the candidates by using Bio-metric method
  • The TS Government will start the TS Nirudyoga bruthi website
  • During the TS Nirudyoga application process the candidates can fill their interested skills to get the free training as per report that the TS Government is going to help 10 lakhs people with this scheme.

TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration 2021 Required Documents

  • SSC Intermediate Degree or ITI Diploma
  • Caste Certificate
  • Community Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Date of Birth Certificate ***
  • Aadhar Card Voter ID Card ***
  • Employment Card ***


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  1. Ashwini suresh Meshram

    I am Polytechnic students

  2. If we have any private job can we apply this scheme?

  3. I worked as customer service officer at KSA.at present my age is 41yrs is any opportunity or schemes for NRE holdérs.

    1. Hello Mansoor your not eligible for the Scheme

  4. My date of birth 14_5_1998 iam apply this scemes sir

    1. Yeah you can apply for TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme

  5. Tell me the website to apply

  6. Yes you can apply for nirudyouga

  7. I m married
    But I m also searching jobs
    Can I apply??

    1. Hi Ayesha You can Apply


  9. Degree incomplete students or only inter students are they eligible?

  10. Degree incomplete or inter students are they eligible?

  11. Mohammed jameel Basha

    Im 37 yrs and will tyrn 38 in april and 8. Unemployed from hyderabad and also i have spine fracture and health issue. Plz suggest.

  12. Hi dinesh sir
    can u please tell me how to apply

  13. Is registration currently going on bcoz no external link were there on the official web site of Telangana.gov

  14. My age is 55 I don’t have job. Can I apply? If can’t is der any other scheme

  15. Sir iam under graduation student is this scheme is there for me…

  16. Hello sir
    Myself Ali my age is 39 can I apply for this scheme

    1. Nope Sir ur not eligible for TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme

  17. Can u send me the link for registration of TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme.

    1. Not Yet started 1nce its starts i’ll let you know

    2. I don’t have employment card. And my DOB is Jun 1983. Can I still apply…?


  19. Hello..I’m in inter 2nd year can I apply for this scheme??

  20. Mohammed Taqi Uddin

    Hi ..
    Right now iam jobless last 2years and didnt getting any job calls or else . So is there any hope to get this scheme please tell me how and where to apply suggest me .

    1. you can apply the website has not started please wait

  21. My date of birth is 1982 August can i Apply

  22. Tell me website to register or apply
    Iam completed graduation
    application started are not when to be started please inform me.
    Thank you.

  23. Can u please tell me the website to apply

    1. The official website has not yet started so guys please wait for some days once TS Nirudyoga Bruthi website starts will let you know

  24. Hello i have completed my post graduation with finance background but didn’t have any job opportunities.so, I’m seeking to work with an efficient organisation where I can apply my skills in order to get growth personally & organisationaly

  25. Hi Mr. Dinesh,
    What is the age factor to be apply this scheme.
    Let me know the details.

  26. namsate dinesh sir..i back subjects in degree can i apply for this scheme sir ..

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  28. Notify me through mail

  29. I studying in ITI electrical engineering at Vani college Mamillagudem.Ihave no job

  30. Sir intermediate complet degree 1st year

  31. hi sir, my name maha lakshmi, iam married, i dont have birth certificate,and employment card, how to apply this scehme,

    1. Hi Maha lakshmi yu dn’t need dob EC first check eligibility criteria den apply

  32. Hello sir,
    How to apply for this Schemes.Already I tried to applied on this site TS Nirudyoga Bruthi Registration online after click on it there is no option for applying..Will you please help me out how to apply.Thanks you so much.

    1. Hi shaik the website has not started yet it going to start from april 1st week

  33. We have to apply in the month of April before that we can’t apply for this

    1. Nope you can’t apply

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  38. hii where can i apply for this schem can you please give online site details


    TS Nirudyoga bruthi Telangana Govt when start.

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