SIET’s Placement Record – An Encouraging Story

Job placements have become the need of the hour today. Not only are placements vital for the students to gain professional skills but help them to face the corporate world under guidance.  Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology has consistently valued this perspective and offered placements to innumerable students to this day. As a result, students from SIET have shown a drastic increase in professional knowledge and an expansion in career-oriented skills. 

Let’s take a look at SIET’s placement record that has become an encouraging story for several youths across the globe today! 


Top-class job placements over the years 


Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology has set its benchmark with a host of top-class job placements. Tie-ups with world-class brands like Amazon, Zen pact, Pike and Bsms info have allowed the school to traverse into a dream guide for career-oriented students. Many MNCs are also in the way of conducting their recruitment at SIET and hiring student employees who can render exceptional skillsets. Over the years, several students have successfully received the best job placements within no time. This has set the careers for many students who would strive to earn success for a long time. Thus, from global companies to local brands, a vast line-up of proficient brands is put in a queue for young students. 


TASK activities at SIET that foster student’s intellect 


Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) is an initiative that attracts students from all across the world. The association is designed to render exceptional infrastructure and opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge regarding the industry around them. As a result, this initiative burns the bridges between urban and rural students to build expanded interactions and render equal opportunities to all. With this program, students are exposed to new opportunities and taught to overcome the challenging problems around them. Such an effort fosters courage among students and boosts their careers. 


TASK for boosting career opportunities 


At SIET, TASK is not only a means to shape a student’s future but also helps them to become capable individuals in the years to come. As the initiative trains them to gain various skillsets like flexibility, soft skills, communication & interpersonal skills and much more, TASK focuses on carving out perfection in every student to ace their careers. As a result, the struggle time for students in the professional world is reduced so that the span of soaring new heights expands automatically. High energy levels, leadership and other ways to impress the interviewer are also taught to students here by TASK. 


Job placements galvanize academic interest 


As students encounter top job placements every year, the forthcoming students learn to understand and value such an opportunity at SIET. Thus, the point of education at a place is that students learn to become serious about their education from an early stage. Students also learn to work towards shaping their careers to standout in the crowd. More than hundreds of students strive hard to acquire the best job placements and score good grades to soar to new heights each year. As students understand the seriousness behind this initiative, the academic interest in them stems on its own. Thus, students at SIET are one of a kind. 


 The bottom line 


Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology strives to ease the pathway for students every day by brainstorming ideas and introducing new opportunities to them. Thus, job placements at SIET make them rise to new heights every day and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. In synopsis, SIET’s placement record is indeed an encouraging story for millions out there. 


Updated: August 13, 2022 — 1:56 am

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