Top 20 Real Time Power BI Interview Questions And Answers

Power BI interview questions and answers Real Time Powerbi Interview Questions for experienced 2022 Power BI interview questions for 4 years experience Power BI interview questions for 3 years experience:  Powerbi is a Business intelligence tool which will help to analysis the data to clean your data and convert that data into visual format, where you can create different reports and different dashboards, so this is a business intelligence tool and it is collection of components such as Power query, Power Pivot, Power view, Powre Mobile Application, Powerbi Cloud we called as Powerbi Service.

Guys if your looking for Powerbi Interview questions you have came across to one of the best website which can provide real time Powerbi interview questions and answers . Those who are preparing for the Powerbi Interview you can check all the realtime powerbi interview questions and answers here we are providing Dax Interview questions for experienced as well as for freshers check Power query Interview questions and Power Pivot Interview Questions as well Power View Interview questions, Powerbi Service Interview Questions.

Top PowerbI Interview Questions and Answers

Lets Us consider Powerbi as a package, I can divided Powerbi into two parts one is Powerbi Desktop and second is Powerbi service. Powerbi Desktop is developer tool it is a desktop top application which can you download and install for free and coming to Powerbi Service is a online version which is cloud version and it is used for sharing and collaboration.

Power BI interview questions and answers

Real Time Power BI interview questions for 3,4 years experience

  1. What are the Complex Dax Functions You have worked
  2. what are the challenges you have faced on getting huge data
  3. what is Powerbi Gateways and what are it types
  4. can we share the reports through personal Mode
  5. what are the sources you have used to get the data
  6. How many sources we have to get the data
  7. who can create custom visuals and from where we can get custom visuals
  8. Limitations of Import and Direct Query
  9. Performance wise which is the best Import Query or Direct Query
  10. Sum VS Sumx functions
  11. what are the content Packs
  12. Have you worked on SSAS, SSIS, SSRS
  13. Types of Relationships
  14. can we use Many to Many Relationship in data modelling and how it will impact the Performance
  15. Difference Between star Schema and Snowflake Scheme and Galaxy scheme
  16. Difference Between OLAP and OLTP
  17. Stored Procedures and Views
  18. Dax Interview Questions Calculate Vs calculate table
  19. How to Implement Row Level Security
  20. Static and Dynamic Row Level Security in Power Bi

PowerBi Dax Power Query Pivot View Service Interview Questions

  1. What is Row context and Filter context and context transition in powerbi
  2. For which visual you can use drill through
  3. What is bookmarks in powerbi
  4. Do I Need any pro or Premium license for access a report in a Premium capacity Workspace
  5. what are the types of refreshing Techniques
  6. Difference between Data Flows and Data sets
  7. Explain different connection Modes
  8. What is Composite Model in Powerbi
  9. Types of Users that can be added into workspace which was created by you
  10. what are the types of Licenses in Powerbi Service and Explain about briefly
  11. what is difference between sum, sumx count, countA, countx
  12. Do you know about sync Slicer
  13. How do you rate in Dax
  14. Where the gateways should be installed, so that schedule refreshing will not be interrupted
  15. How you shared your reports to customers from powerbi Service

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