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IBPS SO IT Officer Job Profile: As we discussed in earlier IBPS SO IT Officer job profile is a specialist officer cadre which is the main and important post in IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selections. Now lets us gain more knowledge on IBPS SO IT Officer Job description and IBPS SO Marketing Officer Job description. In General Candidates are more worried about the common question what is IBPS SO IT Officer work Profile? In other words Job Profile of IBPS SO IT Officer can be called as IBPS Specialist Officer it job profile. So check this article in detail for better knowledge.

Today in this article we will discuss more about the IBPS SO IT Officer work profile, duty responsibilities working inputs, return tips to get shortlisted for the IBPS Exam. IBPS Specialist Officer Job profile is categorized into different specialist officers cadres check below for more updated information regarding IBPS SO Marketing officer Job profile.

IBPS Specialist Officer  IT Officer Job and Work Profile

As we talk about the IBPS SO IT officers in general IT refers to the Information Technology officer for the IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selections Organisation. IBPS SO IT Officer Job Profile refers that the technical support work will be allotted on the basis of software and hardware service among the Bank Boundaries.

IBPS SO IT officer handles all the technical problems related to Banks and the online services better. he/She has to fix the problems occurring from both the scenario such as from the account holders or from the Bank employees. He has to handles the issues at both zonal and regional areas. Mostly the work location will be allotted at metro level or Urban section. This mainly states that the IBPS SO IT officer job profile is a calm and cool job as we compare to all other Bank related Jobs. He has to step a floor at the floor if the issue occurs. Mostly the issue wont occurs as it get disturbed by the external support.

IBPS SO IT Officer Job Description career Growth

As we observe To days human life will not end their day without computers or internet. So Computer Engineers or IT Information Technology officers have planned their career to build this world as the Technical world. Now a days technology has became as part of life. In technical Language we call IT officer as the heart of every Bank towards its Eco structure. As we are discussing about the  IBPS SO IT Officer Job Description is mainly categorised into 5 major profiles which are the major responsibilities of the  IBPS SO IT Officer.

Management: The IBPS IT Officer management depends upon the Transactions and the security managements such as ATM Management, Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking Services as such.The major responsibility of the IT officer is to proper transaction or flow happens between B2C  ( Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business ) under the authentication Track.

Development: Development means the IT officer need to develop the major services up to date in order to avoid security threats. He has to manage all the security software where the software gives more comfort when compared to existing computer software.

Security convenience:  IT officer need to update all the system software for every frequent intervals, in order to get rid from the system virus. Mostly the regular check is to be done for sure whether the network functionalities of software and hardware is at good condition or not. Updated antiviruses and the anti hacking device to be generated to avoid all the hacking management from the threats. As it is a matter of the public believe and the saving what they have made these regular update is necessary responsibility which includes in the IBPS SO IT Officer Job Description.

End to End support: IT officer has to work like bridge between the customers and the Bank employees. He has to provide back to back support for every Banking core management. He should maintain a regular update for the smooth flow of banking process.

Feedback: Making note of every bank employee and the customer account holders problems and get solved. This is the main and important criteria or responsibility of an IT officer to get the good feedback from them.

What is the role of IBPS SO IT Officer in the Bank?

As we all know about the IBPS which is included in the Public sector Banks in India. IBPS Holds various banks which follows the Banks agreements or norms. Check all the IBPS SO Participating banks list for further reference.

  • The main roles of the IBPS SO IT officer is to make stable functioning of the software and the hardware without any external disturbances.
  • IBPS recruits the highly qualified or highly talented so as we called as  expert in the various fields. Bank Selects the software and hardware experts for the permanent post because to avoid the inconvenience and the bit time for sure. This criteria states that the Bank there should be no more problems affected here after.
  • In case if happens the problems should be solved by the expert or the IT officer within the short time span.
  • IT officer needs to deal with Bankers accounts i.e their login and the password issues majorly.
  • According to the Worlds update IT officer need to grab all the next generation software and try them for the Bank purpose.
  • New software should be installed with the regular transplants with the Banks  officials orders.
  • Tally the work technology with the updated market economy

 IBPS SO IT Officer Duties and responsibilities

In depth the Banks will categorise the IT Officers posts into two major posts such as IT officer for Support and IT Development.

  • IT Support officer deals with the Bank system technical support as well and the IT development officer will handle the development of software and so as to introduce us to the new features
  • IT Support handles the LAN connections and all the electronic gadgets performance to be done extraordinary where  IT development officer deals with new advanced operations took changes in the Bank System managements.
  • IT support officer checks the functioning of the Respective Bank ATM and the e banking process with the  regular intervals.
  • Now a days most of the people are habituated to online transactions, then the responsibility of IBPS SO IT Officer has also increased. In case if any wrong issue raised from the financing sectors then its his duty to hold the responsibility of this criteria and solve them.

IBPS SO Specialist Officer IT officer Promotions and Career growth

IBPS SO IT officer can reach his/her promotions from the initial level scale I officer Junior Manager  to Scale 7 officer to General Manager. check the promotions will depend upon the performance and the service time observe below

S. No. Grade Scale Designation
1. Junior Management Grade Scale I Officer
2. Middle Management Grade Scale II Manager
3. Middle Management Grade Scale III Senior Manager
4. Senior Management Grade Scale IV Chief Manager
5. Senior Management Grade Scale V Assistant General Manager
6. Top Management Grade Scale VI Deputy General Manager
7. Top Management Grade Scale VII General Manager

Major Promotion Parameters

  • Qualification
  • Performance level or merit
  • Length of the service or seniority
  • Merit performances in Bank exams
  • Professional qualification

IBPS SO IT officer salary structure

Position Approximate per Month inclusive DA and HRA
Office Scale III INR 64600
Officer Scale-II INR 48800
Officer Scale I INR 36400

 IBPS SO IT Officer Eligible Criteria

  • Should possess 4 years Graduation completed degree in Technology /computer science/ Electronics / Electronics and Telecommunication / Electronics & Communication / Electronics & Instrumentation. or PG as similar.
  • Age should be between 20-30 for scale 1 officers and between 25 to 35 years for scale 2 officers
  • Nationality should be Indian

Thats all about the IBPS SO IT Officer Job Profile. Hope your doubts about IBPS IT Officer Job Profile, for any query and suggestion let us know in comment section given below. stay tuned with our site for more updates team ibpsclub.com

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