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IBPS SO CWE Agricultural Officer Job Profile: IBPS is a recruitment body which conducts the Major exams related to Bank. As we know that IBPS SO Officer is categorized into following cadres such as IT Information Technology Office HR Human Resources Management Officer Agricultural field Officer Marketing Officer Rajbasha adhikari. SO as we discussed about the IBPS SO recruitment officers initially now let us know more about the IBPS SO Agricultural field Officer Job Profile work duties responsibilities timings working hours and more  in this article. IBPS SO CWE Agricultural field Officer belongs to the scale -1 officer.

As we all know that the IBPS SO Agricultural field Officer recruitment to the various officers have been done on the basis of the SO Specialist Officer cadre. And process will be handled by the most important institution in India.  IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selections which is a recruitment body is the top institution in India which recruits many number of posts related to various banks.

IBPS SO CWE Agricultural Officer Job Profile and Responsibilities

IBPS SO Agricultural Officer Recruitment is done on the basis of the vacancies available in the various banks which are participating in the IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selections. Bank Agricultural field officers are appointed under the Junior management section which we call it as a scale I officer in the Bank statements. Many students will be having a doubt about   IBPS SO Agricultural field officer duty in bank? So Check the IBPS AO duty in bank as  follows

Review of Agricultural Loans: This scenario is the most important task to be performed by the AO officer in the Respective Bank. AO need to check the loan allotted for the farmers section with regular intervals. As it is inability to the farmers to repay the loans. So it is the  AO Duty in the Bank to close the loan as the situation is under loss section or to increase the loan recover time period which will depend upon the situation of Farmers who have victims of the loan or any individual who availed Loan in the Bank.

Promoting Rural Financing : The initial duty of the AO in the Bank is to promote the bank guidelines in all the sections. As the priority sector guidelines are maintained strictly by the banks, AO need to promote agriculture portpholio  guidelines of the bank in all rural areas.

Disbursal of Agricultural-loans: Disbursal of Agricultural loans to the farmers is the major scenario to be established under AO, when other staff are responsible for other primary sector economy of the Bank.

Coordination with NABARD and RRB: As the regional rural banks have sponsored by the nationalised banks the  IBPS SO Agricultural field Officer need to have a good length impression with the individuals who are pursuing in their jobs. He is responsible for all the funds released and utilized for any purpose in the Rural Banks. He has to make a regular checkup at the rural banks whether the Funds are utilizing properly or not. Agricultural Officer need to attend all the meetings conducted by the NABARD. At this meetings AO need to explain all the information related to the Agricultural loan schemes and the  situation of the Bank position which is located in rural areas.

Report to the senior Authorities: AO need to submit all the loan approved and yet to approve schemes details to the senior authorities as it comes under the priority sector. As the higher authority Institution Banks( NABARD AND RBI) approves these loans to the respective banks,  AO need to submit regular report about the Agricultural loans and schemes.

IBPS CWE Agricultural field officer career growth promotion

IBPS AO is a specialist officer post which is mostly exposed to the  rural areas. so in this section promotion also depends up on the AO performance at the banks and the feedback from the agricultural farmers. Most of the promotions will be allotted in rural ares itself. For better merit promotions AO need to have special interest information on Horticulture and animal husbandry etc to promote more guidelines about the bank schemes in rural banks for quick promotions. check IBPS AO promotions details as follows

S. No. Grade Scale Designation
1. Junior Management Grade Agricultural Officer Scale I Officer
2. Middle Management Grade Scale II Manager
3. Middle Management Grade Scale III Senior Manager
4. Senior Management Grade Scale IV Chief Manager
5. Senior Management Grade Scale V Assistant General Manager
6. Top Management Grade Scale VI Deputy General Manager
7. Top Management Grade Scale VII General Manager

IBPS SO CWE Agricultural Officer salary Pay scale

since the  AO post comes under the scale 1 Junior Management cadre of specialist officer in banks, the basic salary will be very low initially. Anyways AO can reach promotions in rural banks very early. so no need to worry about the pay scale. initially the AO pay scale starts from INR 14500 – 600/7 – 18700 – 700/2 – 20100 – 800/7 – 25700 approximately. so at last in hand salary of IBPS SO Agricultural officer is 24000 – 32000 approximately.

IBPS SO CWE Agricultural Officer qualification and eligibility

  • Need to have 4 years bachelor degree in Animal Husbandry/ Agriculture/ veterinary/ Dairy Science/ Fishery Science/ Agro forestry/ food technology
  • Age limit should be between 25 to 35
  • Nationality should be Indian

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