IBPS RRB Prelims Officer Scale I 2020 Exam -1 month preparation strategy

The Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection [IBPS] RRB Preliminary Examination for Officer Scale 1 and Office Assistants is slated for September 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th & 26th 2020 while the Mains examination goes into October 18th & 31st 2020


This period before the exam is extremely crucial and students must focus on building on strong exam level efficiency and time management skills. Mentioned in this blog are some of the handpicked IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 preparation 2020 tips that you can utilize in multiple ways.

IBPS RRB Preparation Plan 2020: Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The exam is divided into two major categories, namely, Reasoning and Numerical Ability with each carrying 40 questions of 1 mark each. Thus, there are 80 questions of 80 marks in total. The questions will be objective-based. Exam-takers will be allotted a time duration of 45 minutes for the complete exam and are required to qualify the individual cut-offs on each section as well. The following table will help you in your topic-wise preparation for IBPS RRB syllabus.


Section Marks Questions
Reasoning 40 40
Numerical/ Quantitative Ability 40 40

IBPS RRB Preparation Plan 2020: Week-Wise Table

The following table presents a detailed IBPS RRB preparation plan 2020 to help you make complete utilization of four weeks.


Week  Reasoning Topics Numerical/Quantitative Ability Topics
Week 1 Inequalities, Coding-Decoding, Clocks, Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Dates & Calendars,  Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Speed & Distance, Simplification, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Average
End of Week 1 Reasoning Test every two days + Quant Test every two days + 1 Mock Test every two days [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 2 Order & Rankings, Partnership, Blood Relation, Directions, Cause & Effect, Assertion & Reason Linear Equations, Series, Introductory Probability, Simple & Compound Interest, Ages
End of Week 2 Reasoning Test every two days + Quant Test every two days + 1 Mock Test every two days [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 3 Data Sufficiency, Statements & Conclusion, Advanced Puzzles, Syllogism, Advanced Coding-Decoding Quadratic Equations, Permutation & Combination, Probability Graphs & Tables, Data Interpretation
End of Week 3 Reasoning Test every three days + Quant Test every three days + 1 Mock Test everyday [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 4
  • Go through your notes for all the previous weeks
  • Revise important formulae and strategies for both sections
  • Don’t delve into new topics. Focus on what you know and leave the rest.
  • Solve at least one and if possible two full-length strictly timed mock tests every day for five days only.
  • Keep reviewing your notes
Day Before Exam
  • Revise and Revisit important topics and exam strategies
Exam Day
  • Be ready for your exam

IBPS RRB Study Plan 2020: Week 1

  • Reasoning: In the first week of your IBPS RRB preparation 2020, limit yourselves to basic/easy reasoning problems related to questions of coding-decoding, puzzles, seating arrangement, dates and calendars, clocks, inequalities, etc. As the exam questions test the basic logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, it is essential to not falter on the basics. Going by the trend, around 20-25 of the 40 questions are generally asked from a few sections namely Blood Relations, Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Inequality and Series and like. 


  • Quant: Focus on the fundamentals of the numerical aptitude of the IBPS RRB syllabus. This includes the number system, types of numbers, series, percentages, averages, ratio & proportion, simplification and like. Get yourself familiar with fundamental rules like BODMAS, divisibility, comparison with numbers, signs and conversion, variables etc.

IBPS RRB Study Plan 2020: Week 2

  • Reasoning: Moving towards intermediate level reasoning topics of the IBPS RRB syllabus in week 2, you need to now shift your attention to order & rankings, partnerships, direction, blood relation along with cause & effects and assertion & reason. This will help you in developing a solid analytical mindset.


  • Quant: Building upon your prep in week 2, start with topics like simplification of equations, functions, series, ages, simple and compound interest.


  • Top it off with reasoning and quant topic tests as well as full-length mock test every second day.

IBPS RRB Study Plan 2020: Week 3

  • Reasoning: In week 3, you tackle advanced-level topics in the IBPS RRB syllabus which can get a little bit tricky. This includes Data Sufficiency, Statements & Conclusion, Advanced Puzzles, Syllogism, Advanced Coding-Decoding, amongst others.


  • Quant: Begin preparing over important concepts in probability like mutually exclusive events, independent events, AND/OR, respective theorems and types of probability apart from quadratic equations, permutations & combinations and data interpretation. Brush up the common questions on cards, die, coins, etc. For DI, you will be given a table or graph with 4-5 questions based on it. This can give you a much-needed score boost.


  • During week 3 of IBPS RRB preparation plan 2020, you continue attempting tests as per earlier schedule or change it to the given one in the table above. We suggest, giving at least one mock test every day.

IBPS RRB Study Plan 2020: Week 4

  • The ultimate week, week 4 is the most important week of your IBPS RRB preparation 2020. This is where your efforts come into a culmination. As mentioned in the table, solve properly timed full-length mock tests to get an idea of the pressure of the exam day. 


  • As reasoning tends to take time, stick to a strict schedule and move on to the next question the moment you cross the time limit. At the end of the section, if you have time, come back to the question, if needed.


  • Indulge yourself in small exercises in the last two-three days and focus on revisiting important formulae and strategies.


  • It is natural to be a little stressed out but do not let it overtake your conviction. Do not think of family expectations, peer pressure etc. and concentrate only on your exam. 


The most effective suggestion we can give which you won’t find in any of the IBPS RRB Preparation 2020 books is to have a positive and calm attitude. Further, eat healthily and avoid any outside food. Have trust in yourself and give your best.

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