IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2022 for PO SO Clerk & RRB

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2022 for PO SO Clerk and RRB: IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selections is a recruitment body which holds the Parent role for 27 national Banks belonging to the government sector. Specially IBPS mainly cares the special recruitment examinations for all nationalized banks such as Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda,. etc.so we can categories the posts such as IBPS SO Specialist officer, IBPS PO Probationary officer, IBPS RRB Exams likewise. IBPS Examinations will be classified into two stages prelims and mains.

Both the process will be equal and fine.The written test will be as usual for both prelims and mains.This phenomenon is also called as tier 1 and tier 2 or also phase and phase 2 in recruitment language as possibly In both examinations Quantitative Aptitude is the main and the most important topic when we compared to all other sections. Now we will discus why the quantitative aptitude is more important in IBPS bank exams.

Download IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF Online:

IBPS Includes RBI Reserve Bank of India in total. For every Annual year IBPS recruits a bulk of  of employees  who are eagerly waiting for the IBPS Latest notifications,  for various nationalized banks all over India.Candidates who are about to build their career in IBPS for the categorised post such as PO Clerk RRB and SO Privileged post. Quantitative Aptitude is also known as Numerical ability which are to  be stated as the test test mainly functioned to check the structure of calculations as per the Numerology.Students Should also focus on other Sections such as General knowledge Reasoner English as the Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most important sections All the others sections too carries major Scoring criteria. For better scoring in IBPS Exams please follow Arihant Publications  and other reference books. Students can also go through other section syllabus online also check below:

English syllabus PDF

General Knowledge syllabus PDF

Computer syllabus PDF

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts and syllabus exam pattern study materiel pdf download:

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Section Number of Questions Total Number of Marks
IBPS Quantitative Aptitude for PO Probationary officer 40 40
IBPS Quantitative Aptitude SO Specialist officer 40 40
IBPS Quantitative Aptitude RRB (office scale) 40 40
IBPS Quantitative Aptitude RRB (Office Assistant) 40 40
IBPS Quantitative Aptitude for Clerk 40 40

IBPS Numerical Ability online test: 

IBPS numerical ability is also called as Quantitative Aptitude as More in common. So students can leave their confusion status when stated as Both names. Any ways As the IBPS recruitment states all the abbreviations in advance. Students can also refer for numerical ability or else with the IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Test. In common IBPS officially numerical ability test will be conducted through online earlier. students can also refer for quantitative Aptitude test online pdf files as it provides latest and the previous questions and answers pdf.

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Questions Topics Chapters Marks

Ratio and proportion


Stocks and shares

Time and work

Mixture and allegation

Pipes and cisterns

Time and distance

Problems based on trains




Permutation and combinations

Simple and compound interest


Profit, Loss and Discount

Elements of Algebra

Data Interpretation


Data Sufficiency

If the Candidates can cover averages chapter and Simplification, Approach chapters they can score 5 to 10 marks easily.

-Ratio and Proportion if cover this topic you will get 1-2 marks. Stocks and shares are not important but sometimes from this topic you will get 2 or more questions where you can score 2 marks.

-Time and work and Pipes and cisterns will be the same logic from this two topics you can score 2-3 marks.

-Time and distance and problems based on trains will be the same logic where you can score 1-2 marks.  Percentage is the fraction chapter in this chapter you won’t see direct questions but the concept will use in the data interpretation where you can score 1-2 marks.

– From the Partnership topic you can easily score 1-2 marks.

– From the clock chapter some time you will get the questions but sometimes not.

-From the permutation and combinations Probability chapter 1-2 questions will be asked in IBPS Mains examination where you can score 1-2 marks.

-From simple and compound interest topic 2-3 questions will be coming but every time but if you  practice this topic you can score 2-3 marks.

-From Profit loss and discount topic 2-3 questions will be there in IBPS exam every time.

– Algebra will be coming in IBPS Mains exam but not sure whether the questions will be coming or not but this time they may get chances or high.

-Data Interpretation topic is most important topic in IBPS RRB 2018 for Prelims and Mains examinations if you cover this topic you can score 10-15 marks.

-Equations is 50-50 if you get this topic questions you can easily score 5 marks

-Data Sufficiency questions also 50-50 sometimes it may come or sometimes it may not.

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Most frequently asked question based on topics and exam pattern:

IBPS Quantitative topics Avg.no of Questions asked Marks allted for each correct answer Negative narks for each wrong answer
Quadratic equations 05 01 0.25
Sequence and series 05 01 0.25
Probability 05 01 0.25
Percentages and averages 03 01 0.25
Data interpretation 15 01 0.25
Simplifications 05 01 0.25
Number systems 03 01 0.25
Time and distance 02 01 0.25
Work and time 02 01 0.25
Profit and loss 01 01 0.25
Mensuration-cylinder cone sphere 01 01 0.25
Mixtures and allegations 01 01 0.25
Total 40 40 Grand total

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