IBPS PO Salary 2022 Structure Bank Allowance Increment Wage Revision

IBPS PO salary package: As we know that recently IBPS Recruitment Board has officially released the notification regarding IBPS PO Probationary Officer. So Many candidates have applied and started their preparation for IBPS PO exam. The common question among all the Aspirants is What is IBPS PO Salary? So Candidates who are going to succeed in IBPS PO will be afford a high IBPS PO officer Scale from the Starting Annual year as the department declared. So candidates needs to start their race in order to Succeed in their goals made for IBPS PO Exam.

Here candidates who are about to attend IBPS PO examination can get all the information regarding IBPS PO Starting Salary facilities allowances grade pay salary after 10th bipartite wage revision salary after period 7th pay commission etc. at our page or check IBPS Exam 2021. To attain all the advantages or facilities, Candidates need to clear all the rounds in IBPS PO recruitment with high merit distinction.

IBPS PO salary and Job Profile

Candidates who clears all the rounds related to IBPS PO will be selected for the post of IBPS PO. So candidates with high merit and the performance in the Interview will decide the ranking. All the participants will be having a doubt that what PO role in Banks? Generally Students should have minimum knowledge about what is the post they are applying for. Any ways don’t worry we will describe you how to perform in banks which leads you to the upper hand level. So students can get detailed information about what id PO Job in Banks responsibilities Role and the facilities and queries at IBPS PO Job Profile.

IBSP PO Salary Scale after 10th bipartite revision

IBPS PO salary will depends upon the Bank which they are working for. So Initially candidates need to check that what is PO role in banks. Initially candidates who joins in banks for the post of PO, will be treated as a fresher and makes the employee to learn the responsibilities for the period of 2 years which we call it as a training period or Probation Period. Candidates can also check the following scenario questions which are blinking in the minds of Aspirants.

  • IBPS PO Salary and allowance
  • SBI PO Salary and allowance
  • IBPS SO Salary
  • IBPS RRB Salary
  • IBPS Clerk Salary

In General candidate will be getting salary stated below after the recruitment is done. IBPS PO should notice that the IBPS PO salary scale will be varying from one bank to another bank which as related to IBPS PO participating Banks. Check the details below regarding IBPS PO salary scale starting probation period to pension level

IBPS PO Salary Scale 2021-2022 Pay
Basic Pay 23700.00
Special Allowance 1836.75
DA 10163.63
CCA 870
Transport Allowance
Total 36570
HRA  2133.00
Gross pay Including HRA 38703.38
Medical Aid 8000
Petrol   3000
Newspaper 300
Entertainment 500
Telephone 400
Canteen Subsidy 400
Pension Contribution 2500
Gross Annual CTC (with HRA but without leased accommodation) 5,57,640.52

IBPS PO Salary Grade Pay allowances 2022

Candidates can get extra benefits apart from the IBPS PO Basic pay. Candidates can also use the following allowances for which PO Probationer officer is eligible.

  • Conveyance Allowance – Afford travelling charges between home and officer on calculating the distance.
  • CCA– This allowance may differ for various Banks. Its may applicable or may not be applicable. Offering range is 4% or  3% maximum.
  • Special Allowance: is allowed on 10th bipartite and At any cost DA with 7.75% increment.
  • HRA:  Minimum allowance at 9.0% 8.0 % 7.0% will be afford for PO depending up on the posting region
  • DA Dearness allowance: Minimum cost of living allowance will be afford for the Bank PO Probationary officers
  • Leased accommodation: this is a optional criteria because the option depends up on the area of posting and the bank as respectively. most of the banks will provide their own Bank quarters.
  • Medical Aid: As the bank rules obtained PO will be afford rs 8000/- per Anum towards the medical charges.
  • News paper requirement: Fixed amount will be paid for every month towards the newspaper charges.

PO Salary details after 11th BPS

when we go in depth of the PO salary details after 11th Bipartite settlement we are proving expected hike range salary increment as per the IBPS PO salary rules and also wit the effect of IBA Indian Bank Association. check below

Hike Increment Basic pay scale Gross salary
5 % Rs.26,706/- Rs.37,068/-
20 % Rs.27,866/- Rs.38678/-
25 % Rs.29,026/- Rs.40,288/-
30 % Rs.30,187/- Rs.41,899/-

Bank PO 7th pay commission

As we discuss about the 7th pay commission rules it does not effect any banks. Bank employees might be thinking that it effects bank employees too but each and every bank will have their own salary increment calculation rules. So No effect or increase in salary will be done on the basis of the 7th pay commission. As the IBA Indian Banks Association chairman Shri T M Bhasin declared about the 7th pay commission does not effect any bank employee salary packages as the Public sector bank employees has been waiting for the 10th Bank Bipartite wage settlement.

Bank PO Probationary Officer Career and promotions and salary packages increment

So Initially candidates need to check that what is PO role in banks. Initially candidates who joins in banks for the post of PO, will be treated as a fresher and makes the employee to learn the responsibilities for the period of 2 years which we call it as a training period or Probation Period. After the session the employees are forwarded to the next level of internal rankings called as  screening test process.

Candidates who qualifies in the test will be allotted for the Middle management grade scale-II officers, and the remaining employees who are slow learners will be assembled to Junior Management Grade scale-I officers. candidates are permitted to perform their intelligence during the probation period and get the promotions in highest Management grade as required with your ultra excellent performances

Bank Probationary Officer Career progression with salary

 Name of the post Salary 
Junior Management Grade – Scale I: Officer i.e. PO Rs. 23700 – 42020/-
Middle Management Grade – Scale II: Manager Rs. 31705 – 45950/-
Middle Management Grade – Scale III: Senior Manager Rs. 42020 – 51490/-
Senior Management Grade – Scale IV: Chief Manager Rs. 50030 – 59170/-
Senior Management Grade Scale V: Assistant General Manager Rs. 59170 – 66070/-
Top Management Grade Scale VI: Deputy General Manager Rs. 68680 – 76520/-
Top Management Grade Scale VII: General Manager Rs. 76520 – 85000/-
Executive Director (ED) Approx 1.5 + lack
Chairperson and Managing Director (CMD) Approx 2 + lack

Bank PO Pay scale on promotion level

Bank PO Pay scale will be  decide on the basis of revised basic IBPS PO salary structure. Bank PO employees will be afford with INR 980/- for every annual year, Salary structure will be calculated basically 980 INR calculated  for 7 years and thus the baisc pay scale for Bank PO is INR 23700/- then next the increment will be calculated according to the allowances provided. check below

Post  Promotion level Pay Scale 
Junior Management Grade – Scale I officer(PO) 23700-( 980 x 7 years)30560- (1145 x 2 years)- 32850-(1310 x 7 years )-42020
Middle Management Grade – Scale II (manager) 31705 -1145 -32850 -1310 -45950
Middle Management Grade – Scale III(Senior Manager) 42020 -1310 -48570 -1460 -51490
Senior Management Grade – Scale IV(Chief Manager) 50030 -1460 -55870 -1650 -59170
Senior Management Grade Scale V (Assistant General Manager) 59170 -1650 -62470 -1800 -66070
Top Management Grade Scale VI (Deputy General Manager) 68680 -1960 -76520
Top Management Grade Scale VII( General Manager) 76520 -2120 -85000
Executive Director (ED) Approx 1.5 + lac
Chairperson and Managing Director (CMD) Approx 2 + lac

Based on our research about IBPS PO salary in various states, The salary package is similar at following region at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata  Uttarakhand Andhra Pradesh Assam Bihar Gujarat Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jharkhand Karnataka Kerala Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Odisha Punjab Rajasthan Tamilnadu Uttar Pradesh West Bengal etc.

Estimating that All the Aspirants have cleared their doubts regarding IBPS PO Salary package grade pay promotion salary details  etc..candidates can refer to IBPS SO Salary IBPS RRB salary IBPS Clerk Salary SBI PO salary for better knowledge in order to succeed you Goal. All the best for your Best Preparation and exams. Please mention your comments regarding IBPS Doubts we will solve your queries as soon as possible. Stay Tuned with our page for better knowledge as we keep you up to date.Thank you.regards ibpsclub.

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