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IBPS clerk job profile: Hopefuls are most awaited for the opportunity to build their career at IBPS Clerk Position for the Various ibps bank preferred for clerk at various regions. In general In order to choose your career path for the ibps bank clerk, you need to need have a minimum knowledge on the following IBPS Clerk career growth criteria such as ibps clerk job profile and salary special allowance promotions benefits and the career growth options. As we are maintaining the friendly bond relationship with all the Aspirants, its our responsibility to educate them about IBPS Clerk Job profile and salary with IBPS bank list preferred for Clerk

we are back with the latest topic related to IBPS. Candidates who are looking straight for the IBPS Clerk strategy, we are here to educate you about the consequences related to IBPS Clerk salary promotions career growth life style options and mostly about the IBPS Clerk Job Profile.

IBPS Bank Clerk duties and responsibilities

Lets start with the BPS Bank Clerk duties and responsibilities. In General as we all know usually we will visit our near Banks for different purposes such as Opening Bank Account clearing doubts related to banks loans FD etc. Candidates might have noticed a persons is clearing all the enquiries which we call it as customer relationship in Bank Language. As we discus about IBPS Bank Clerk Job profile, mainly the job profile is categorised into various positions for various banks.

We can classify them as Data Entry clerk, Office clerk, exchange clerk, commercial clerk, interest clerk, statement clerk, loan clerks, Accounts clerk, security clerk etc. Here depending upon their performances and the public relationship will decide their promotion as lower level clerk to upper level clerk according to Bank Norms.

IBPS Bank Clerk duties and salary details

Now lets discuss about the common doubts what are wondering  about ibps clerk job is good or bad. One more doubt in the minds of Hopefuls about the criteria is IBPS Bank Clerk  and the Participating banks for clerk post. Check the following queries and their related answer what we provide you later in detail if the majority of Candidates raise the following questions check below

IBPS Clerk Work in Banks complete details

Universal Teller UT

The Word Universal Teller itself states that an IBPS Clerk has to handle hall the works related to Bank and the  customer services such as receiving cheques, updating the Account holders passbook and the print to be done updated, Withdrawals forms , Verification process of a new Account holder details etc.

Special Assistants

Special Assistant clerk duty is to handle the remaining Clerks who are running with the probation period and  The candidate is responsible for all the cash maintenance of the department he is heading for.

Agricultural Support or Assistants

Clerks who are pursing their duty under Agriculture section need to solve the queries raised by the Agricultural farmers account holders with a valid update. There is no special post for Agricultural section, In addition ton these responsibilities clerk need to attain this criteria if necessary .

Head Cashier

Head cashier will hold all the Bank security sections which are mainly Banks deposits, locker keys, and all the safety manuals which comes under the cash departments especially.

Single window operator- SWO

IBPS Clerk which is the main and important initial start for all the Queries a for the customer support. Candidates who are handling all the minute duties such as handling the bank cheques  ledger maintenance, balance tally, data entry, issue ESI stamps, delivering cheques to the respective address is also called as Single Window Operator.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Job profile and salary 

IBPS Clerk Salary structure and allowance

Candidates who have selected for the post of IBPS Bank Clerk have to be updated all the updated information regarding IBPS Clerk job profile salary pay scale grade pay basic salary allowance provided with DA HRA And all other required. Check approximate expected IBPS Bank clerk salary varies from various Banks located in various places below

Scenario In metro cities In State capital Rural and district
Basic Pay 7200.00 7200.00 7200.00
DA 6922.80 6922.80 6922.80
HRA 720 648 540
Gross Including HRA 14842.80 14770.80 14662.80

Salary will be approximately 21900 after reaching 10th Bipartite settlement.

IBPS Clerk Promotion and career growth

  • Candidates who will select under the post of Bank clerk is the mark of permanent employee for the respective bank.
  • Candidates need to serve his first year as PO.
  • Candidates promotion depends upon the his performances and his extraordinary skills exhibited in the promotion examinations conducted by the Bank during his probation period.
  • IBPS Bank Clerk can get salary up to 3 increments in total on clearing JAIIB  (1 increment) and CAIIB (2 increments).
  • Special allowance will be offered after he attains certain promotion status and General Allowance will be valid for the probation period.
  • IBPS Bank Clerk can request his/ her posting to their own state after promoting to the officer
  • IBPS Bank Clerk can get INR RS- 30 Lakhs towards Home loans where as Officers 50 Lakhs and sub staff up to 20 Lakhs in Indian Bank.

So at last these are the major IBSP Bank Clerk promotions and career growth opportunities who ate planning to lay the red carpet for the hired post of IBPS Bank Clerk.

How to become a clerk in Banks and check eligibility criteria

In order to select in IBPS Bank Clerk posting, candidates need to check how to crack IBPS Clerk exam in first attempt and check the eligibility criteria. Check below minimum necessary required details such as educational qualification age limit etc.

  • Candidates need to complete his graduation degree in discipline with regular.
  • Age limit should maintain between 20-28 years
  • Excellence or command over local nor regional language
  • candidates nationality should be Indian

Candidates can also check IBPS PO Salary package and eligibility criteria for better performance knowledge  at IBPS Bank exams. So Candidates are suggested to stay connected with our site for more updates and wishing all the best for the better preparation and performances for all the competitive exams. Any queries related to this article please let us know for better service regards team ibpsclub.com


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