CateCoin Price 2022 Today : CATE Price Chart Cate Market Cap Cate to USD Live Price

CateCoin Price Today 2022 CATE Price Chart Cate Market Cap Cate to USD Live Price :- Catecoin for Creators Catecoin is a cat-themed decentralized meme based cryptocurrency which provides platform to meme makers. We launched Catecoin with the intention to add real value to the meme world. Catecoin will allow meme creators to create and earn with their memes in a Decentralized way. Catecoin has been around since May 2021 and it is launched with the intention of adding real value to the meme marketplace with community of 50,000+ members.

CATE Price 2022 Chart Cate Market Cap Cate to USD Live Price : 

Content Farming : 

  • We reserved 35% CATE for Staking Rewards and Meme Contest.
  • Turn your Memes into NFT and Earn Catecoin.
  • User need to stake 5 million tokens to Post memes in Portal.
  • All approved memes will be eligible for NFT minting and purchaser will get all rewards from that memes.

Hold and Earn

The coin offer you the chance of passive income. Providing with 2% of every transaction to the holders as well as investors can securely opt for staking and can earn up to 15 % APY.

What is CateCoin ;-


  • Name: Catecoin (CATE)
  • Distribution: 35% Ecosystem – 30% Liquidity – 15% Exchange Listing – 10% Marketing – 10% Team and Future Development
  • New Contract: 0xE4FAE3Faa8300810C835970b9187c268f55D998F
  • Supply: 100,000,000,000,000
  • Purpose: Meme Plaform, Play to Earn Dapps

How to buy Catecoin –

1. Download Trust Wallet + MetaMask
Make an account, and set your recovery phase.

2. Purchase BNB on an Exchange
Then, withdraw the BNB over to Trust Wallet.

3. Continue on PancakeSwap
Copy the Catecoin Token Address below.

New Contract: 0xE4FAE3Faa8300810C835970b9187c268f55D998F

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